Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the "Member Login" button in the website's upper right corner. Click the "Profile" tab after logging in to make all the necessary adjustments.

All questions will be directed to the account of the primary holder. By selecting "Listings>General Info" and entering the information in the Secondary Notification Email box, it is also possible to configure secondary inquiry notifications to be sent to a separate email address.

Yes. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation require a license for all vacation rental properties used for short- or medium-term stays. A license can be requested here under holiday rentals - homes. A host should also inquire about any additional registration or rental license requirements from their county and municipal agencies.

No. Traveler fees are not assessed by us. In order to give travelers a location to book directly with hosts without having to pay traveler fees, such as those levied by major travel companies, we established the Search Your Rentals platform. Travelers may save hundreds of dollars by doing this.

Through your property listing on Search Your Rentals, tenants will get in touch with you. A host will receive a request from a guest in their email inbox and on their Search Your Rentals dashboard. To respond to the traveler, hosts can follow the instructions on the inquiry email or in the owner/host dashboard.

Additionally, hosts can configure their profiles to get text message notifications. The cell phone provider may charge extra for this service.

Yes. To receive text message notifications, a host's profile must be configured and set up. Only email inquiries can be answered via text message, so text message notifications are only used to let hosts know that an email inquiry is waiting for them to answer. Go to the Host Dashboard, click the "Settings" tab, and fill out the SMS TEXT ALERT area with the necessary information to configure your SMS messaging.

Currently, depending on your level of subscription, you are able to submit the following photographs. Classic: 24 images
Bronze: 24 images
Gold - 50 photos
Silver - 35 photos
Platinum - 50 images

Log in to your Host Dashboard to add photographs to your listing. Go to the listing you want to upload photographs to under the "Listings" tab, click "Details," and then select "Photos and Video" from the menu on the left.

From their PC, a host can choose or drag images onto their space. The hosts are free to switch out the photographs whenever they like.

Note: You, the host, must be the owner of the photos in order to use them. If not, you must obtain written consent. Any images used without permission that are protected by copyright must be disclosed to the host immediately. They must be taken away by the host. Send us a thorough message via our Contact Us page if the host does not delete the copyrighted content.

For us to advertise and market your rentals, photos must be free of any watermarks, logos, or writing.

Load up to a maximum of 10 photos at a time. Maximum size of photos should be no more than 2MB. Larger photos will be slow to upload.

No, hosts are not permitted to post any images on the Search Your Rentals website that contain text, watermarks, or company logos. This limits Search Your Rentals' ability to promote rentals for increased visibility.

Visitors want to view expansive, high-quality images. It increases their level of trust in the property description and significantly enhances the listing's effectiveness. For the greatest outcomes, we advise hosts to spend money on professional photography.

The pictures uploaded must be;
  • At least 767 by 1133 pixels high and broad.
  • Every picture must have a horizontal point of view.
  • Vertical photos cannot be viewed in their entirety.
  • The images don't include any text or watermarks.
  • 10 photographs may be uploaded at once.

You can utilize the drag and drop feature or the Upload button if you're presently attempting to upload your photos. To upload images to our website, choose the ones that are already saved on your computer.
If you select the Upload button, use the Browse button on the dialogue box that appears to search your computer until you locate the image file you wish to upload. Click Open after clicking the file. Wait while the file from your computer is added to the photo gallery for your Search Your Rentals property listing. Up until the transfer is finished, the screen will not change. This process could take a while if your connection is slow or the file is huge.

You must first go get the images if they are stored online and not on your computer before dragging and dropping them into the Search Your Rentals property listing photo gallery. You can also save them to your local computer and upload them later to the Search Your Rentals website.

Your listing is available to you at all times, every day. All elements of your listing, including the images, are editable at any moment. Simply click the "Sign In" login icon in the website's upper right corner to make changes. After logging in, select "Listings" from the menu and then "Property Details" for the listing you want to edit.

The Search Your Rentals Host panel is quite easy to use and comprehend. For access to your profile and to edit your listing, please click the "Sign In" link. The dashboard has a tab with additional Support information that contains useful information. Please refer to the other issues in this FAQ if you need assistance with revisions or images. Please contact customer care if you require more help or video training.

It's possible that when we expand our vacation rental website, your area won't show up in the search box. This indicates that there aren't any listings available right now in this location. The place will "open up" once you register and upload your listing. Please get in touch with us if, for some reason, your city or area does not show up when listing your property.

Search Your Rentals is not the official merchant on file. Reservation payments cannot be processed using Search Your Rentals. We believe it is appropriate to delegate the decision of how to take reservations payments to each host individually.
We do advise visitors to pay hosts in advance using a credit card or PayPal for business on a secure payment site where they have recourse (not friends and family).
Use of any of the following is a possibility for hosts that accept payments online:
PayPal: A Pay Pal Credit Card Transaction Fee is charged. For more flexibility and security for travelers, we advise establishing a Business Standard Account. The cost of a Business Standard Account is free per month. Simple payment requests can be sent, and free bank account transfers are also possible. You can also acquire a credit card reader that functions on tablets and smart phones when you sign up for a Business Standard account.
Square: A credit card transaction fee is charged.
Stripe: A transaction fee for Stripe Card Charge is charged. There is an extra conversion charge for international cards.
Naturally, hosts are allowed to choose any method of payment processing they like. We are pleased to offer recommendations to reputable companies in the sector if a host requires assistance choosing a solid vacation rental payment platform. We don't impose any limitations on your freedom to decide what suits you best. One of the many advantages of using the listing service Search Your Rentals is this.

  • Resolve your booking questions quickly. Preferably one hour after being informed. Are your rates up to date? Have you added them so that travelers can get an accurate quick quote on the Search Your Rentals website?
  • Maybe your rent is too expensive. Just like tourists, compare it to other homeowners in the neighborhood in terms of bedroom size, facilities, location, design, etc. The primary factor? ratio of cost to quality.
  • Professional photography really does matter! Travelers are planning their fantasy getaway and want to reserve houses with excellent amenities that are well-lit and tidy. Keep in mind that you are up against listings with professional images.
  • Consider sharing pictures of the property since the traveler is paying for both lodgings and a local experience.
  • Is your availability calendar up to date? By leaving a calendar open, you shouldn't turn away visitors who may spend up to 8 hours looking for a place to stay. Having an accurate up to date calendar not only helps the traveler but helps us market your vacation home to travelers contacting us for help and on social media and email blasts.
  • We forbid the recommendation of open calendar postings to passengers looking for certain days by our customer support staff.
  • Have you classified your listing correctly? Go over your listing description and make sure the property type, vacation type, location, and title description are all correct. Making an effort to write a listing description that is easy to read and skim helps travelers rapidly identify the information that is most crucial to them in order to make the best decision.
  • Do you list customer reviews for your property? Reviews are the best way for a tourist to learn about your hosting style and what to anticipate from a visit to your house.
  • Do you have a profile picture for a host? Travelers are more likely to believe you as a true, dependable professional if your profile photo is attractive and approachable.

No. Search Your Rentals is not the trader of record. Has are in charge of making reservations and collecting fees from visitors. The choice of how to take reservation fees is entirely up to the host, who must decide with caution. Search Your Rentals strongly advises all tenants to pay their rent through secure websites that offer buyer insurance (i.e.: charge cards, PayPal for Business, Stripe, etc...) Users are, of course, free to choose any installment management method they like. We are delighted to provide recommendations for trustworthy businesses in the sector to hosts who require assistance finding a great excursion rental booking programming platform. We defer to the host in determining what is best for them. One advantage for property owners using the Search Your Rentals ( posting service is this.

Not at all; each host has a unique cancellation policy. The Policies Section of their property listing must contain a copy of the host policy.

We utilize your personal information as part of our regular business operations to enhance the user experience. We do gather broad demographic information and analytics to enhance user experience and business endeavorsí. To view our whole privacy notice, click here.

Nothing at all. The rent you pay to the landlord to use their property is the only expense you have.

You should use email, phone, or fax to get in touch with the owner regarding renting out their home. We advise using email. To guarantee you get the best property, make your reservation as early as possible.

Advise you to make a down payment first, then to settle the remaining balance a month or two before moving in. Payment terms are ultimately negotiated between the tenant and the property owner. Best is a written agreement. Any policies governing cancellation or refunds should be understood by all parties. Payments for rentals are not handled by

You should make plans with the owner for this. Be specific with times and dates. Be mindful of the various time zones. Ensure you have precise directions to the location. They might send you the key or arrange to meet you there (s). Make sure you have the passkey or pass code if there is a gated neighborhood or a guarded parking area. If you intend to forward your mail and will be there for an extended period of time, you may also desire the mail key.

This should be decided during your discussions with the owner of the rental property.

Our annual fee is only $99.95 (other homes rent for that amount or more per day!). Your payments are 100 percent safe, and we take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Anywhere in the world may submit a listing for a rental property. On any of your rental transactions, we don't take money from you or impose fees.

Unless you can accept online payments, sending a personal check or certified check through the mail is probably recommended. Be transparent about final payments, cancellations, and refunds. Best is a written agreement. Payments for rentals are not handled by

Work with the tenant to make precise reservation arrangements. Be specific with times and dates. Be mindful of the various time zones. Give precise directions to the location. The necessary keys, as well as any pass codes or pass keys to gated communities or parking facilities, should be delivered in person or sent via mail. They will also need the mailbox key, if necessary, if they plan to be long-term renters and forward their mail.

It is preferable if you outline your fees in your listing and let your renter know about them before they move in. All applicable fees should be included in the total rental amount.

Keep an eye on your calendar of free time. Don't let an inaccurate availability calendar mislead your consumers or cause you to lose out on a prospective rental. Provide prompt responses to all questions. Make sure your prices are accurate for the given season. Ensure that your photographs appropriately depict your property and are current. Provide winter photographs with snow for a ski rental and summer photos for a summer rental to match your customer's perception of your home.